Speaker Presentations
Tuesday, March 28, 2023
(Times shown are EST)

Networking Continental Breakfast


Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Bill Kennelly,Senior Vice President,M&T Bank


Heads of Learning Panel: A View from the Top in The Era of the Great Re- Shuffle – Aligning L&D Strategies with Business Goals, Agility & Adapting to Constant Change

As organizations continue to grapple with a continuous transition, our heads of learning and talent leaders will take stock of their current initiatives, discuss how their organizations are coping and managing change. The topics discussed include,

  • How do L&D leaders stay nimble, effective and constantly engaging, adjusting, and looking to the future.
  • How do leaders work with employees who have different demands, embrace blended learning, work on retention and promote internal mobility and skill- agility.


Dianne Studzinski,VP, Director of Learning & Development,BayFirst National Bank

Mathew Petrilla,Leadership Performance Consultant, Leadership Development,Vanguard

Mike Rosenberg,Senior Director, Learning & Development,KPMG


LinkedIn CASE STUDY: L&D and Organizational Agility – Data & Strategies for Leaders to Thrive in the Future of Work

This moment requires agility — and L&D can lead the way. Hot off the press – benefit from LinkedIn’s latest 2023 L&D data, findings, and thought-leadership from their annual Workplace Learning Report.
In this session, you will discover how learning leaders are recognizing the need for new, people-centric playbooks to guide the resilient and adaptable future, working across HR to build cultures in which everyone has the tools, the career paths, and the skills to succeed.

Tiffany Poeppelman,Director, Career Development, LinkedIn


Networking Refreshment Break


Cultivating Flexible, Skills-Based Talent to Drive Growth and Engagement: A Case Study from Unum’s AVP of Skills & Talent Development

Is your workforce skilled to meet the demands of the changing business environment? Are your employees able to connect their career development goals to specific opportunities at your organization? Are you positioned to meet emerging skill demands and scale upskilling and reskilling efforts?
In this session, Johanna Thoma, AVP of Skills & Talent Development at Unum, will share an overview of Unum’s shift towards a skills-based talent management to cultivate flexible, adaptable talent that is skilled to achieve business and career success. Johanna will share how Unum is taking a strategic, proactive approach to identifying and building skills to retain, develop and engage employees and support cross-functional talent mobility. Key session highlights include:

  • Examples and lessons learned in scaling digital fluency and data & analytics skill development
  • The value of a cross-enterprise Emerging Skills Network and workforce skills analysis to inform skill development needs
  • The expansion of tuition reimbursement options to include certifications and expand non-traditional talent pipelines
  • The use of digital badges to drive engagement in learning offerings and provide hiring managers insight into skills

Johanna Thoma, AVP Skills & Talent Development,Unum


First Federal CASE STUDY: How First Federal Created An Employee Culture and Recognition Program

This session will present a comprehensive overview of how First Federal Bank created a culture of customer centricity within their organization.  Learn about their journey to be known as the best place to work by influencing employee engagement.  Culture lays the foundation for a strong reward and recognition program.  Gain insight into their strategies and processes to create a reward and recognition program with a 96% participation rate. Learn more about:

  • Workplace engagement and culture programs to drive employee motivation and increase productivity
  • Redesigning current employee appreciation strategies
  • An overview of innovative reward packages and other benefits

Lisa Hutcherson, AVP Director, Human Capital Strategies, First Federal Bank


Presentation TBC


Lunch and Exhibit Area Networking Break


Vanguard CASE STUDY: The Power of Measurement in Team Effectiveness: Processes, Strategies, Tools and Lessons Learnt

From expert authors like Edmonson, Coyle, and McCrystal, building and sustaining high-performing teams continues to be the key differentiator in an interconnected and global business environment. Join Matt Petrilla in a case-study and discussion steeped in his partnership with a multi-tool teaming platform focused on supporting, scaling, and measuring team effectiveness across Vanguard. Discover how Vanguard & their technology partner worked in tandem to:

  • Standardize a global Team Health Offer
  • Link the technology platform to existing surveys and initiatives to drive engagement and parity
  • Measure team health and link its impact to performance management and company engagement

Matt Petrilla, Senior Learning & Development Specialist & Head of Team Intelligence,Vanguard


Ernest & Young CASE STUDY: Leadership & Learning: How a Large Organization Successfully Leads & Manages at All Levels of L&D

Udit Bhatia, India Learning Leader,Ernst & Young


BayFirst Bank CASE STUDY: A Non Traditional Approach to Developing A Career Ladder that Retains Talent and Breaks the “Follow-the-Leader” Talent Migration Cycle

The traditional approach of human resource management is no longer providing the platforms necessary to engage and retain top talent in the financial services industry. As a banker, it is fairly common to experience career growth by moving from banking institution to banking institution and to experience whole teams moving to follow a revered leader. The question for a financial institution to address is whether the cost of that tradition is worth bearing, in all senses, or if implementing an overall talent strategy an essential key for talent. Training is often viewed as a task or a box to be check marked rather than an essential ingredient to a progressive and well-developed workforce. This is not uncommon in the early years of a business, but we must realize that efforts to get to a certain size may need to reshape for continued growth and prosperity. In this conversation, you will benefit from

  • Exploring a roadmap created and applied to develop the BayFirst Financial’s L&D Department
  • How the L&D Department has led to an expansion of a holistic talent management strategy incorporating performance management, competency mapping, and career mapping.
As an L&D and/or HR professional, this conversation is relevant no matter the size of organization as the playing field of talent management has re-defined people leadership.

Dianne Studzinski,VP, Director of Learning & Development,BayFirst National Bank


Networking Refreshment Break


Russell Investments CASE STUDY: Re-thinking/Re-Imagining On- Boarding - Lessons From the New Associate On-Boarding Program

Affected by the impact of the Great Resignation, Russell Investments refreshed their stellar on-boarding program for new associates. They will share their on- boarding journey for new associates in sales, operations, support and analysts. The presentation will focus on how they built a robust program and rolled it out, the tools used and how they measured success and continue to keep new associates on track. Learn about:

  • The benefits of longer onboarding journeys
  • Strategies to connect new associates that are remote to feel connected to the organization and culture
  • Methods used for pre-boarding and pre-training of new hires
  • Tools used to support seamless and effective on-boarding
  • How to determine how much to invest in on-boarding to find the right ROI for your organization

Dawn Lewis, Associate Director of Sales Enablement,Russell Investments


FIS Case Study – “Skills of the Future”: Our Learning Journey – Just in Time, Just Enough & Just for Me

Sharahn Monk, Global Director, Learning, Delivery & Performance Solutions, FIS TBC




End of Day One & Networking Cocktail Reception

Day Two
Wednesday, March 29, 2023
(Times shown are EST)

Networking Continental Breakfast


Power Panel: The Talent Ecosystem: Strategies & Tools for a Robust Talent Pipeline, Internal Talent, Retention and Skill-agility

In the current “buyers talent market” how does an organization stay nimble, effective, constantly engaging and adjusting for the future as the landscape keeps changing. Retention strategies, Re-skilling, up-skilling and skill development are extremely critical areas facing L&T. Organizations are looking at new and unique ways to acquire, retain and re-arrange talent. Hear from our outstanding group of panelists about:

  • Best practices in successful internal mobility & talent retention
  • Skill sensing networks to identify and prepare for skills no longer needed and to get ahead of the game ensuring smooth skill-mobility.
  • Innovative approaches to provide flexible, intensive skill development for specific roles within the organization.
  • Navigating ambiguities in talent


Kristen-Hoefert Redlinger,Chief Talent Officer, Executive Director, Community Relations and Strategic Philanthropy,Northwestern Mutual TBC

Tiffany Poeppelman,Director, Career Development,LinkedIn

Johanna Thoma, AVP Skills & Talent Development, Learning & Development Unum


Technology Panel: Leveraging Technology & Re-imagining the Future of Learning & Training: New Technologies, Success Stories, Lessons Learned

New and emerging technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and others can allow us to create new types of experiences to improve learning and performance. Our panelists will share how they are leveraging various technologies to improve the learner experience. Topics of discussion will include:

  • Approaches to adaptive and personalized learning
  • Navigating the hybrid environment & continuous challenges to deliver training effectively
  • Uses of VR, AR, and other technologies
  • Barriers to implementing new technologies and strategies for overcoming those barriers
  • Plans and predictions for the future.


David Guralnick, President & CEO, Kaleidoscope Learning/ Adjunct Professor, Columbia University Teachers College


Tiffany Abinsay,Head of Learning Technology,Citibank

Andrew Shields,Associate Director, Digital Learning Solutions, KPMG


Networking Refreshment Break


Citibank Case Study: Innovative and Global Adaptive Learning Program at Citi

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and smart technology has put adaptive learning within the reach of every organization that struggles to capture and document evidence of learner competence, personal paths to proficiency, reduction in unconscious incompetence, and continuous improvement in content quality.

Citigroup as a multinational investment bank & financial services corporation faces the same learning and development challenges of smaller companies but at scale with the need for a sustainable solution, with information security, and true value realization through performance improvement. Participants will learn more about

  • Quantitative and qualitative results that Citigroup is realizing for the first time through their implementation of Area9 Lyceum's adaptive learning technology across the organization.
  • Participants will have a chance to ask questions about how Citigroup executed this transformation through companywide change management.

Tiffany Abinsay,Head of Learning Technology,Citibank


DE&I Panel: How to Build a Culture of DEI & Incorporate Inclusion as a Part of the Learning Journey

Learning and DEI leaders will share their approach, strategies, successes and lessons learnt as they navigate DEI in talent (recruit & retain), learning & training within their organizations. Topics include:

  • Inclusivity for all: reframe the narrative
  • Consider all biases
  • Identifying and organically growing diverse talent
  • Providing access to skills, experience & exposure
  • Data & metrics on DEI


Joy Joseph, Training Manager, Liberty Mutual Investments


Jessica Choi, Senior Director, Field Diversity & Inclusion; Asian Segment Lead,Northwestern Mutual

Diane Studzinski, VP, Director of Learning & Development,BayFirst National Bank

Lisa Hutcherson, SVP Director, Human Capital Strategies, First Federal Bank

Matt Hall, Cultural Development Director,Huntington Bank TBC




End of Conference