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Registration & Continental Breakfast
Chairman's Welcome
Michael Rosenberg, Director of Human Resources, CIT
Panel Session
CLO Viewpoint: Strategic Workforce Planning
Our panel of Chief Learning Officers will discuss how they are developing their employees to meet the future business needs of their organizations. They will share their thoughts on:

  • changing workforce demographics—are millennials really all that different?
  • future skill set development
  • digital disruptors such as artificial intelligence
  • global expansion

Michael Rosenberg, Director of Human Resources, CIT

Panelists include:
Jon Kaplan, VP & Chief Learning Officer, Discover Financial Services
Debra Hamilton, SVP and Chief Learning & Development Officer, Fulton Financial Corporation
Transforming the Learning Platform at S&P Global Ratings
Technological innovation and globalization are simultaneously creating big opportunities and posing significant challenges for the financial industry. As innovation shifts from financial product engineering to financial transaction technology, banks are facing steep competition from technology companies. Similarly, credit ratings agencies are increasingly competing against big data firms in the production of ratings.

As S&P Global Ratings transforms into a 21st century digital powerhouse, the production of high quality ratings still requires the ability of people to develop robust criteria, synthesize vast amounts of data and use their judgment to generate unique insights that increase transparency and drive growth in the global financial markets. S&P Global Ratings has articulated a strategic goal of developing a learning organization in order to meet the challenges of the future. To do this, we have begun a complete overhaul of the learning environment to accelerate employee learning and growth. Join us in the session as we will discuss how to:

  • Move from a traditional training function to a state-of-the-art, employee centric learning platform
  • Gain buy-in from senior leaders along the journey
  • Map the development of a new learning platform

Dr. Donna Murdoch, Global Head of Learning Technology & Innovation, S&P Global Ratings
Idea Xchange #1
Throughout the event we will pause for 3 "idea share" sessions. During these 15 minute segments, an learning executive from our speaker pool will share one powerful idea or program that is working within their organization. The goal is to provide you with some quick, easily digestible, innovative information that will help to spark new ideas for your organization
Morning Networking Break
Designing Effective Personalized Leadership Development Strategies
Are your Leaders prepared to take your firm successfully into the future? Leaders are one of the most critical links in helping your company achieve and execute its strategy. Unfortunately, many traditional leadership development programs are event based, lack strategies to drive retention and application of knowledge and produce no lasting impact on leader behavior or results. What if you could design effective targeted leadership development strategies to develop exceptional leaders and achieve consistent, long-term behavior change that supports your business strategy? During this session we will discuss:

  • Targeting personalized leadership development offerings for leaders based on prior learning experiences, personal and organizational goals, and performance trend
  • Sourcing, validating, and implementing effective blend of curated content aligned with development goals

Brian Mulliner, Director of Organizational Talent Development, Raymond James Financial Services
Tami Krebs, Leadership & Professional Development Program Manager, Raymond James Financial Services
Enterprise Learning Strategy: Enabling Informal, Social and Video-Based Learning
Today’s learning professionals are faced with prevailing challenges such as reduced funding, managing stakeholder expectations and lack of resources. Coupled with the added complexity of disruptive change, globalization and workforce diversity, we can safely agree that the L&D landscape has changed over the last decade. As the competitive landscape is changing at a rapid rate, so must our approach to talent development. A failure to demonstrate business relevance and value will result in a lack of confidence in your function’s ability to meet the learning and development needs of your organization. It is no longer good enough to react to the needs of the business, successful learning departments must be able to anticipate and solve for the needs and have a seat at the table when key business decisions are made.

This presentation will depict how Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina’s Enterprise Learning and Development/Blue University transformed from a narrowly focused training department, to an enterprise-wide talent development function that leverages technology to enable informal, social and video-based learning to drive business outcomes. During this session you will learn how their results-based approach saves money, improves customer satisfaction, aligns to business outcomes, and gains efficiencies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Defining what a learning strategy is verses what it is not
    • Macro strategy
    • Micro strategies
  • How to galvanize and align leadership around your case for change and the desired outcomes
    • Collaboration and integration
  • Emerging as the facilitator for an enterprise learning strategy as oppose to the controller
  • Establishing an “A-Team”- the right people in the right roles focused on the right capabilities
  • Creating a portfolio of value based products and services
  • Build a coalition of champions to drive the change
  • Optimizing technologies that enable how people learn in their natural state with how they learn in the workplace
  • Making the shift from builder to curator: buy vs. build
  • Leveraging data to tell your story and course correct with an eye for continuous improvement

Brian McGrath, Director, Enterprise Learning & Development, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina
The Three C’s of Successfully Linking Training to Business Results
For years, the “Holy Grail” of training has been the ability to go beyond information delivery and simple skills assessment to identify a direct, positive impact on business results. Sales and advisory leadership, in particular, are frequent victims, frustrated by their inability to associate training investments to sales performance and new revenue acquisition.

The good news is that L&D teams now have powerful new options for monitoring and measuring learning transfer, making it possible for trainers and enablement pros to document with increasing precision what sales teams really know, how likely they are to demonstrate value-added behaviors on the job, and finally, to make that data available and actionable for managers in the field. Attendees of this session will:

  • Discover the 3 C’s of successfully transforming real-time data from your learning program into executive insights that managers love, including: Content, Coaching, and Correlation to sales performance
  • Learn how a new generation of learning and development analytics — based on the "human side of sales" — is helping L&D teams connect the dots between knowledge and skills, field and video observations, and CRM-recorded performance and productivity metrics to drive improved business outcomes

Duncan Lennox, CEO & Co-Founder, Qstream
Discussion Group Roundup
To further enhance networking and learning among attendees, we will be breaking into small discussion groups throughout the day. During these sessions, we will take time to drill a little deeper into the issues addressed in the previous presentations. Brainstorm, discuss challenges, and share potential solutions with your peers…and walk away with some fresh ideas that you can implement upon returning to the office.
Networking Luncheon
Deploying Learning 3.0 in a Changing World
Learning strategies are rapidly changing; agile methodologies, digital assets, micro-learning, curation and adaptive learning are becoming important elements to corporate learning strategies. This session will highlight strategies used by corporate learning in the shift from “traditional” blended learning to Learning 3.0. The discussion will include a view of the challenges organizations face as they determine how to best leverage existing and new technologies to deliver learning and how the learner journey is enabled as corporate learning transforms. A demonstration of how GP Strategies is addressing these needs for learning organizations in the Financial Industry will be presented in this session.

Daniel Miller, SVP, Global Learning Solutions, GP Strategies Corporation
Upskilling at Discover Financial: A Case Study
Discover Financial Services is focused on creating unique and impactful post-secondary education opportunities for its employees. Jon Kaplan, Vice President and Chief Learning Officer, will present how Discover assessed its existing programs, developed a broad view of the post-secondary education landscape, and developed executive consensus for future opportunities and initiatives.

Jon Kaplan, VP & Chief Learning Officer, Discover Financial Services
Delivering Dynamic and Motivating Training
Lawrence Galitz, Director of ACF Consultants, will share his organization’s training methodology, of integrating theory with practice, using powerful training tools that create memorable, multi-faceted learning experiences.

Lawrence Galitz, Director, ACF Consultants Ltd
Afternoon Refreshment Break
Idea xChange #2
Panel Session
Successful Strategies for Developing the Middle Layer of your Organization
While extremely important to the success of an organization, our mid-level managers are often neglected. This means that the workforce group charged with driving many of the organization’s business initiatives is probably not as effective as it could be. During this session, we will hear from learning leaders who are investing in the middle layer. Topics for discussion will include:

  • value of investing in middle management
  • skills sets needed for mid-level managers to thrive and drive our organizations
  • specific programs and tools that are successful for our panel organizations

Debra Hamilton, SVP and Chief Learning & Development Officer, Fulton Financial Corporation
Tami Krebs, Leadership & Professional Development Program Manager, Raymond James Financial Services
Geoffrey Unger, Senior Director, Leadership & Executive Development, PNC Financial Services Group
David Snelus, Head of Client Relationships – Americas, FitchLearning
Leadership Edge: Developing Outstanding Leaders at JPMorgan Chase
Leadership Edge is a suite of management and leadership programs designed to develop outstanding leaders across JPMorgan Chase & Co. Christopher Henry, Global Head of Facilitation, will focus on the evolution, launch and current state of Leadership Edge. This session will also address the global integration of the program aimed at deepening a strong leadership culture at all levels of management across each line of business, function and region.

Christopher L. Henry, Global Head of Facilitation-Leadership Edge, J.P.Morgan Chase
How Learning Can Play a Crucial Role in Business Transformation
During this session, we will discuss how L&D can be a proactive participant in driving large scale business transformation efforts. Drawing on experience, our speaker will discuss:

  • Tips for getting L&D involved in the transformation process
  • L&D as the “hub” to driving change
  • Lessons learned and traditional “myths” busted

Joy Joseph, Head of Culture, Engagement, Branding, Diversity & Inclusion, AXA
Discussion Group Roundup
Cocktail Reception

Sponsored by: Training and Development Innovations for Financial Services
DAY TWO: THURSDAY – October 19, 2017
Continental Breakfast
Chairman’s Recap
Michael Rosenberg, Director of Human Resources, CIT
Game Based Training
John Findlay, CEO, Launchfire
Gamification at Vanguard: The Journey of Trying Something New
During this session you will hear how Vanguard piloted gamification to transform a traditional classroom based training program to an engaging online platform. Shauna Collick, Learning & Development Consultant, will walk you through how a simple re-design project turned into an opportunity to influence future learning across the Vanguard organization. You’ll learn about the challenges and successes along the way, the resilience of the design team and the connection to Vanguard University’s commitment to evolve.

After this session, you should feel inspired to test and learn in your own environments.

Shauna Collick, Learning &Development Consultant, The Vanguard Group
Onboarding: Using Innovation to Maximize Engagement with Talent
AIG has a strong recruiting presence across more than 35 universities globally and has an ever increasing demand for early career talent. Over the past 4 years, we have been building upon this success to ensure we were doing everything to support new graduates as they began their professional journey at AIG. One central idea guided us as we designed the AIG \ Learning Experience: on boarding is not a single moment in time, but rather a process through which a relationship is built between the organization and the individual entering the organization.

During this session will discuss our journey and the questions facing AIG:

  • How can AIG ensure we deliver on the promises made to our new hires and the business itself?
  • How do we engage, educate and build rapport with our new hires to promote commitment and loyalty to the organization in the near and long term?
  • How do we on board new graduates in a way that helps them be successful on Day One?
  • Apart from skill development, how can AIG’s onboarding program cultivate character, determination and serve as an incubator to forge successful careers?

Michelle Tucker, Head of Analyst Training, AIG
Morning Refreshment Break
Idea Xchange #3
Panel Session
Key Strategies for Successful E-Learning Implementation
Why do some digital learning projects thrive while others fall short of expectations? Our panel of industry experts will discuss what they have learned working with many L&D executives-- both in and out of financial services--over the years. Using their combined experience, they will identify the key factors that successful e-learning initiatives share. They will also examine the reasons why many projects fail, the warning signs, and strategies for overcoming those obstacles to success.
Managing Change in Standing Up a Global Corporate University at Northern Trust
Creating a centralized university model over a de-centralized training organization takes a lot of effort and a lot of people rowing in the same direction. At Northern Trust, we did (and are still doing) just this to promote a learning culture while striving for promoting learning quality across the organization regardless of who produces the learning.

In this session, we will visit change management concepts based on PROSCI’s ADKAR model (Awareness-Desire-Knowledge-Ability-Reinforcement) and other practical change tactics to enroll different points of view, different business units and different regions all while securing adoption of a new Corporate University and LMS platform by our global employees.

We will walk through the actual steps we took to secure sponsorship, obtain buy-in and inspire true adoption of our major change in learning, the lessons we learned along the way and the successes we’d like to repeat in future initiatives.

Kacie Walters, VP, Manager, Strategic Programs & HR Talent Management, Northern Trust
Panel Session
L&D Innovation in a Risk Adverse Environment
Financial institutions are very conservative and risk adverse enterprises. Yet, learning is about being experimental. How can L&D professionals foster more innovation and push the learning envelope in this type of environment? Hear from L&D leaders in progressive financial services organizations as to how they are making this happen.

Daniel Miller, SVP Global Learning Solutions, GP Strategies Corporation
Discussion Group Roundup
Conclusion of Conference

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Training and Development Innovations for Financial Services


Training and Development Innovations for Financial Services


Training and Development Innovations for Financial Services

Training and Development Innovations for Financial Services

Training and Development Innovations for Financial Services

Training and Development Innovations for Financial Services