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DAY ONE: Tuesday - March 20, 2018
Registration & Continental Breakfast
Sponsored by: Training and Development Innovations for Financial Services
Chairman’s Welcome
Bill Kennelly, VP, Corporate Learning & Development, M&T Bank
Opening Address
Artificial Intelligence: What is its Impact on Business, Skill Development and Demands in the Workforce?
Expectations for artificial intelligence (AI) are sky-high, but what are businesses actually doing now? Building on data rather than conjecture, the discussion will be based on a global survey of more than 3,000 executives, managers, and analysts across industries and in-depth interviews with more than 30 technology experts and executives. Our research at MIT Sloan Management Review reveals sizable gaps between today’s leaders — companies that already understand and have adopted AI — and laggards. While most leaders are investing in AI talent and have built robust information infrastructures, other companies lack analytics expertise and easy access to their data. The leaders not only have a much deeper appreciation about what’s required to produce AI than laggards, they are also more likely to have senior leadership support and have developed a business case for AI initiatives. We'll focus on key concern for organizations and their employees: What effect is AI having (and will AI have) on skill development and demands in the workforce?

Sam Ransbotham, Associate Professor –Information Systems, Boston College &
Guest Editor on Data & Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, MIT Sloan Management Review
Panel Session
A View from the Top: Developing & Sustaining a Culture of Continuous Learning
Our panel of Heads of Learning, Talent Development, Culture & Engagement will share their thoughts on developing a culture of continuous learning. Topics for discussion will include:

  • The changing role of learning
  • Reshaping mindsets—how to get our business partners to think differently about learning
  • Connecting learning to other parts of the organization—IT, HR, etc.
  • Influence of technology and digital disruptors
  • Where does learning fit in anti-sexual harassment efforts?

Bill Kennelly, VP, Corporate Learning & Development, M&T Bank

Panelists include:
- Christine Troianello, VP, Talent Development-Legal, Compliance, Business Ethics & External Affairs,
   Prudential Financial, Inc.

- Debra Hamilton, SVP & Chief Learning Officer, FULTON FINANCIAL CORPORATION
- Sandy Rezendes, Chief Learning Officer, CITIZENS FINANCIAL GROUP
- Joy Joseph, former Head of Culture, Engagement, Employer Branding & Chief Diversity Officer, Axa-Equitable
Creating a Learner-Focused Ecosystem at Farmers Insurance
With the view of taking learning to the next level, Grant Velie, Director of Learner Experience and Technology, will share how Farmers Insurance® is crafting a future centered around the learner. Providing a one-sized-fits all learning environment and treating all learners the same does not generate the results and speed to market that is required for the future learner. Grant will discuss the journey Farmers® has undertaken toward creating a learner-focused ecosystem. The discussion will include:

  • Examining how Farmers is approaching personalization
  • Leveraging data for insights and personalization
  • Creating a Learning System Ecosystem

Grant Velie, Director of Learner Experience & Technology, Farmers Insurance

Morning Networking Break
Idea xChange #1 – The Art of Story Telling
Throughout the event we will pause for 3 "idea share" sessions. During these 15 minute segments, an L&D executive from our speaker pool will share a powerful idea or learning initiative that has been successful. The goal is to provide you with some quick, easily digestible, innovative information that will help to spark new ideas for your organization

Bernie Goldstein, Head of Client Skills Training, JPMORGAN CHASE & CO.
Managing Change in Standing Up a Global Corporate University at Northern Trust
Creating a centralized university model over a de-centralized training organization takes a lot of effort and a lot of people rowing in the same direction. At Northern Trust, we did (and are still doing) just this to promote a learning culture while striving for promoting learning quality across the organization regardless of who produces the learning.

In this session, we will visit change management concepts based on PROSCI’s ADKAR model (Awareness-Desire-Knowledge-Ability-Reinforcement) and other practical change tactics to enroll different points of view, different business units and different regions all while securing adoption of a new Corporate University and LMS platform by our global employees.

We will walk through the actual steps we took to secure sponsorship, obtain buy-in and inspire true adoption of our major change in learning, the lessons we learned along the way and the successes we’d like to repeat in future initiatives.

Kacie Walters, VP, Manager, Strategic Programs & HR Talent Management, Northern Trust
Linking Learning to Organizational Goals
Andrew Temte, President of Kaplan Professional Education will discuss how KPE works with clients to:

  • Identify the opportunities or gaps that have a real impact on the organization
  • Develop learning outcomes that directly align to opportunities and gaps
  • Utilize proven learning science to design and deliver the desired outcomes
  • Use performance-based measurements to demonstrate clear value and ROI for the business

Andrew Temte PhD, CFA, President, Kaplan Professional Education
Discussion Group Breakouts
To further enhance networking and learning among attendees, we will be breaking into small discussion groups throughout the event. During these sessions, we will take time to drill a little deeper into the issues addressed in the previous presentations. Brainstorm, discuss challenges, and share potential solutions with your peers…and walk away with some fresh ideas that you can implement upon returning to the office.
Networking Luncheon
Using Games and Simulations to Teach Digital Fluency
Frontline staff are in the perfect position to drive digital adoption. But to educate and assist customers, your staff needs to:

  • Know your digital products front and back
  • Understand the benefits for customers
  • Spot opportunities to recommend digital products in everyday interactions with customers

And unfortunately, a boring product sheet (or LMS course) isn’t going to cut it.

In this session, you’ll learn how game-based learning, simulations, and role-play scenarios get staff excited about training (yes, really) and increase their confidence when recommending digital products to customers. We’ll share our top tips and best practices -- along with examples from a recent program we did with a top US bank.

John Findlay, CEO, Launchfire
Panel Session
Continued Growth Strategies for Senior-Level Executives
This session will examine senior level executive development. How can we continue to grow the skills and competencies of our top level management? How far can we take them? Your peers will walk you through some of their successes and challenges. Topics for discussion will include:

  • Identifying skills gaps
  • Innovative learning initiatives that foster engagement
  • Further development strategies for those who are already performing well

Panelists include:
- Matt Bertman, Director, Leadership and Organizational Development, Amerisure Insurance Company
- Christa Landers, Vice President, Learning & Development Manager,

- Debra Hamilton, SVP & Chief Learning Officer, FULTON FINANCIAL CORPORATION
Idea xChange #2
Curtis Twombly, Compliance Education Manager, Wells Fargo Advisors
Afternoon Refreshment Break
Creating a Learning Experience to Drive Engagement and Retention
Our sponsor, D2L will explore how their learning platform helps prepare and engage your workforce with a personalized learning experience. Hear how with the right tools, you can turn the challenge of retaining and developing the best talent into a competitive advantage.

D2L representative
Stratifying Sales Learning: An E*Trade Case Study
E*TRADE invests heavily in top performing sales professionals, and seeks a high return from that investment. Through an exclusive training program, offered annually called Advanced Sales Workshop, the sales L&D team has been effective in raising the bar for its top sales people and maintaining a high degree of excitement around this offering through its unique approach to selecting the optimal participant roster. Focused heavily on best practice sharing, the ASW curriculum is participant driven and results in a bumper crop of new ideas that are then recycled throughout the broader sales organization via onboarding programs and other touchpoints.

Zachary Green, Manager of Sales Learning & Development, E*Trade Securities LLC
Creating a Disruption Lab in Your Global L&D Organization
Learning & Development and the Financial Services sector are both being rapidly and significantly disrupted. How can you and your team continue to innovate & lead change vs. trying to react to it? This session will show you how to take your team and stakeholders through a disruptive innovation exercise and create an innovation agenda for your learning organization. We will also examine the different change styles that different individuals bring and how that can enhance the process. This session will provide a road map to build an “innovation lab” and “innovation agenda” within your organization.

  • How do you build an Innovation Lab inside your organization?
  • What would it look like to apply disruptive innovation to your training approach?
  • How does strategy & change style impact your innovation agenda

Bernie Goldstein, Head of Client Skills Training, JPMORGAN CHASE & CO.
Wrap Up Discussion
Cocktail Reception
DAY TWO: Wednesday – March 21, 2018
Continental Breakfast
Chairman’s Recap
Discussion Group Breakouts
Experiential Learning – Tools and Techniques
There was a time when experiential learning meant little more than on-the-job training. Today, technology can provide an immensely rich, varied, and productive educational experience for all learners, from graduates attending entry-level programs through to senior executives improving their strategic management skills.

In this session we will explore and demonstrate a range of experiential tools and techniques, including simulation and gamification that create an exciting, motivational, and highly effective learning environment. The aim of integrating these techniques into professional learning is to enable the practical application of newly-acquired information. Participants receive immediate feedback, learn from mistakes, and quickly acquire skills as well as knowledge.

When course delegates keep asking for more, you know you’ve found a way to make learning engaging, enjoyable, challenging and, above all, effective.

Robert Fox, Director of North America Business Development, ACF Consultants
Learning Technology Flea Markets
Hear how State Street Global Advisors designed a “Learning Technology Flea Market” for employees to browse learning assets and discover approved vendors (meaning they’ve survived up to 20 months of procurement “red tape”). Our vendors loved it, as did our executives. Many formerly unused licenses are now being used, business cost center silos are crumbling, and we’ve been requested to do more Learning Technology Flea Markets in both the U.S. and Europe. Learn more about our design and results as we explore:

  • How a flea market concept can engage, educate, and empower learners
  • Potential outcomes: increased engagement/usage in all learning technologies, strengthened vendor partnerships, and reduced “red tape” in procurement
  • How you can leverage a learning flea market in your organization

Sharon Claffey Kaliouby, Head of Product Education, State Street Global Advisors
Morning Refreshment Break
Tools and Strategies for Cost Effective Learning in a Fast Paced Environment
Earlier this year, United Bank was named to FORTUNE magazine’s annual list of 100 Fastest Growing Companies. Our quick growth in a lean corporate environment--coupled with the fast paced nature of the financial services industry-- tasked our L&D team to be more agile than ever. Getting more out of your Learning & Development department doesn’t have to be labor intensive or require more FTE’s. Learn how we quickly went from a non-existent e-learning strategy to a fully blended program with over 100 learning modules. During this session, I will share our out-of-the-box thinking and suggest tools for producing high quality custom content that meet the needs of today’s learners while building capacity within your existing learning teams. I will discuss how United Bank is leveraging various tools such as micro learning, video and pod casts for learning and communicating with our workforce. Hear how we were able to think strategically while still operating creatively and fiscally sound.

Brian M. Jarvis, AVP, Learning & Instructional Design Lead, United Bank
Idea xChange
Panel Session
Engaging & Developing Your Millennial Workforce
Millennials are now the country’s largest generation in the workforce and they are increasingly entering managerial and senior level positions within our organizations. Our panelists will share their thoughts and successful strategies for engaging and developing millennial workers. Topics for discussion will include:

  • Shift in skill sets
  • Engagement and retention strategies
  • Fostering leadership skills
  • Successful development tools--coaching, mentoring, etc.

Davis Snelus, Head of Client Relationships-Americas, FITCH LEARNING

Panelists include:
- Curt Redden, Manager, Learning & Development, UPS Capital
- Andra Popescu, Senior Advisory Consultant, D2L

- Ben Betts, CEO, HT2 Labs
- Ron Edwards, AVP, Talent Management, MASSMUTUAL FINANCIAL GROUP
Networking Luncheon
Curation & Social Learning from the Ground Up
During this session, Joey Lynn Monaco, Associate Director of Learning Solutions and Andrew Shields, Learning Solutions Manager will share KPMG’s content curation approach and the steps they took to build a self-sustaining social learning community. You will learn the nuts and bolts of developing a curation process and the value it can add to your overall learning strategy. Joey & Andrew will review practical applications and discuss:

  • Defining the business case for content curation in your organization
  • Establishing the appropriate tools, roles and support models
  • Empowering users and your L&D team to be curators
  • Building long term content and team management strategies

Joey Lynn Monaco, Associate Director of Technology-Based Learning, KPMG
Andrew Shields, Learning Solutions Manager, KPMG
Panel Session
Sustaining a Corporate Culture of Risk & Compliance
Many organizations struggle with moving away from the yearly ‘check the box’ mentality of compliance training to creating an environment that has embedded risk and compliance capabilities enterprise wide. Learn from compliance leaders who are making strides in this area. Topics for discussion will include:

  • Changing mindsets and creating a corporate culture of compliance
  • Managing and balancing regulatory training expectations with limited learning time
  • Learning tools that provide better engagement and retention—i.e. micro-learning, experiential learning, gamification, etc.

Panelists include:
- Curtis Twombly, Compliance Education Manager, Wells Fargo Advisors
- Carol Tringali, Director of Enterprise Compliance Training, Fidelity Investments
- Patricia Aquaro, Head of Risk & Performance Excellence, BNY Mellon
Redesigning Onboarding: Leveraging Digital Tools for Integrating New Hires
Integrating and ramping up new hires into your company, its culture, and its processes is an important investment that can result in positive ROI in terms of productivity. Hear how one financial services organization has revamped its onboarding strategy and is leveraging technology for improved engagement and learning retention
Transforming Performance Management
Performance managements systems can be time consuming, costly, and tend to focus on what an employee has done rather than future development. It’s no surprise that many organizations are seeking to redesign their performance management practices. Hear how one leading financial services organization revamped its strategy to include more touch points, goal setting and continuous feedback; and how they have transformed employee incentives, compensation and rating systems.
Discussion Group Breakouts
Conclusion of Conference

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MARCH 2018

Training and Development Innovations for Financial Services

MARCH 2018

Training and Development Innovations for Financial Services

Training and Development Innovations for Financial Services

MARCH 2018

Training and Development Innovations for Financial Services

Training and Development Innovations for Financial Services

Training and Development Innovations for Financial Services

Training and Development Innovations for Financial Services